Student Counsellors

The role

The role of the student counsellor is wide and varied. The student counsellor is a support and resource person to the students, staff and parents. The student counsellor works in close collaboration with the homeroom teachers and other staff in the School to provide an environment which is safe and comfortable for the students. The student counsellor works with students in a variety of areas. It might be a problem or concern students have or to provide information in specific areas such as grief and loss, mental health, friendship, sexuality, stress and coping, conflict resolution or drug and alcohol awareness. The student might come to see the student counsellor if they feel like they just need someone they can talk to who is non judgmental and confidential.

The aim is to ‘normalise’ help seeking behavior in young people. And to provide a warm and welcoming environment in which the students can feel comfortable.

The role of the student counsellor is promoted through the newsletter, the student notice board which provides relevant and interesting information on relevant themes, by running workshops for parents, staff and students and of course by speaking to and working with young people in the School.


Students are able to make a personal appointment with the student counsellor either by calling her office or by sending her an email. Some students prefer to call in to see the student counsellor to have a quick talk and then make a longer appointment while they are there and others prefer to do it by email. The student counsellor works with teaching staff to identify student who might benefit from some advice, guidance and assistance and in these circumstances the student counsellor will make a personal appointment directly and discreetly.


The issue of confidentiality is important and the student counsellor maintains a high standard of trust with the students.

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