Group 5 – Mathematics

Mathematics HL

This HL course is a very challenging mathematics programme, designed for students with a strong background and good ability in mathematics. Students may choose this level if they are planning to continue their education in physics or engineering, or simply because they enjoy mathematics.

Mathematics SL

This course caters for students who already possess knowledge of basic mathematical concepts, and who are equipped with the skills needed to apply mathematical techniques correctly. Students who choose this course will be able mathematicians who may be preparing for future studies in subjects such as chemistry, economics, or psychology.

Mathematical Studies SL

This course is designed for students with varied mathematical backgrounds and abilities and has an emphasis on applications of mathematics. It prepares students to be able to solve problems in a variety of settings, to develop more sophisticated mathematical reasoning, and to enhance their critical thinking. Students taking this course are well prepared for university courses in social sciences, humanities, languages, or arts.

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